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Long time no post!

I'm just leaving the link here, considering many of you have Facebook, and I started my art page, I guess we could connect. :)

Do visit and like if you want to. :) Some stuff are there that I don't have here at DA and vice-versa.

Cheers! :wave:
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Well well well, it's been a long time since I've updated my journal!

So life's turned around pretty much. Studied for a year, practiced a lot of stuff, and guess what: who'd think I'd feel this good being a designer and illustrator?

To sum things up a bit, last year I decided to kick fate in the behind and take a one year illustration course. Being a designer in a land where people almost deny it as a profession drained me of my self-esteem and motivation, so I decided to try another route with something I love, which is illustration and art.

Turns out, I guess I was pretty good at that! I do feel like I've improved a LOT, and I also know what else I need to improve and how, which is a huge plus, too. Being a designer helps tons, of course, so much that now I'll be teaching software applications there! :la:

I failed to mention this before, but one of the things I always wanted to try was teaching. So I was completely overwhelmed when I found out I could do everything I love at the same time. :dance: So here I am now, planning classes and trying to give it my best! :)

There hasn't been much room for personal projects, unfortunately, but as soon as I have more stuff to submit, I will!

Well, that wraps it up, I guess. :) Wish me luck, and I'll keep you guys informed as it goes!
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Design's all nice, fine and dandy. Seriously, it is! You see, I took a major in Communication Design about 2 years ago and about 6 months ago I finally started working as a designer. I felt like a monkey throwing poo at the ill fate the world lives in! But it's a field where that poo hits the fan faster than you can imagine! So I'm sorry all you designers out there, I love design, but if you don't have nerves of steel...
It just drains the life out of you! And believe me, I AM a devil in the buisness class, although I disguise it fairly well, from what I've been told...

After not being able to draw for about 4 months and a half, falling into depression, having job-related issues (which I won't describe *hint hint, nudge nudge, you-double-crossing-prick-I-hope-you-burn-in-hell*), quitting my job and finally getting some of my self-esteem and love life back, I realized something...

I didn't draw for 4 and a half effin months! And damn, it felt good as HELL to pick up that mechanical pencil and draw 'till my hand was almost bleeding! And pick up on all the fun I've missed! Hell, I could make a living out of that.


That's right. My brain lit up and remembered me that I CAN do that, that I should have the competence to be an illustrator. But then again... I need practice, orientation, guidelines on all the stuff I DON'T know.

So guess what? The hell with money, independence and sucking up to life! I'm gonna follow the dream and starting this Wednesday, I'm starting a one year illustration course at ETIC_. Wanna know the funny irony? I found out that one of my teachers will be :icongrafik:. Well wha'dda 'ya know? Gravihk's learning from Grafik! :giggle: (sorry, pun intended!)

So yeah, bite me, life! I'm gonna try it my way now!
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That's RIGHT! I'm in hyper mode with a tarot project and I just can't get enough of it! Already did the linearts for the Major Arcana (you can see it in my Gallery under "Ifraea's Odacle") and I'll start with the minor arcana while I don't have my new pc (this laptop's dieing! :pray:) to color the linearts.

So now I have about... 20 more drawings to do!! :wow: I'll rename the 4 types to Dreams, Moons, Halos and Seeds. You'll figure out why as soon as I finish the linearts for them! :giggle:

So wish me luck! :wave: And feel more than welcome to comment the ones already submitte! :aww:
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Sorry, couldn't think of a title for this entry! :giggle:

So a little update about life and art: life's been spanking my nerves like mad recently. Still don't know if I was re-admitted in college, I know how it's all going backstage (looking good, but knowing all that makes me even more nervous) and still my heart's been giving me enough clues for me to ponder taking a heart exam. Of all the people, ME, who never got bothered by any kind of stress in the past! :XD:

I'm not so art-lazy as I was, and am quite happy to see the results of a few weeks of not drawing. It seems that if I work in cycles, the results are more productive. Strange, neh? Still, I'll have to get used to working over long periods of time if I want to be an illustrator. Have to practice a bit more regularly.

Themes are something that I'm lacking right now as well, and I want to take a break from drawing always the same characters and environment over and over again. I might try creating something a bit diferent. Any suggestions? :)

That's all for now. :) I'll update here if I get back to college. You'll be seeing a LOT more paintings, digital art, drawings, photography, and God knows what else in my gallery! :la:
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A new life for me, please!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 22, 2009, 6:31 PM

Ok, so life's been quite meditative lately. Here's what's been happening, for all of you curious souls:

I had surgery about a month ago. All went peachy, the skin closed, removed the stitches... But guess what? It opened! Hurrah! Blood everywhere, panic, doctor and now... I have to keep it protected and watched until the skin heals back. How it looks is something like... A mini-vagina, with a whooooole grotto inside! And it bleeds! Just my luck, I got my period! :giggle: So now, the doctor says it'll take it's time healing. It'll be ok by the middle of August, hopefully. :pray:

On another note, I'm thinking about going back to university. Thinking about taking a major it Visual Arts, since I feel like I've been squandering my abilities for years. Finally want to put then to good use. And for that... Back to another city, new house, new life, new everything!! I've been a bit confused about all this, but I feel like it's the right thing to do, so I'll just go ahead with it, probably. :) All I need now is to know if I'll have to take classes such as History of Art ALL OVER AGAIN or if they'll let me skip those, since I've had 4 years of them while taking the Design major. And I'll have to have my parents' agreement, since they'll be the ones paying for it, I can't afford something like that right now even if I work my ass off!

So that's all for now! :giggle:

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The knife!

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 22, 2009, 7:48 PM

I'm SO sorry, everyone, for not being around these last days. Life's been sooo busy! Went to Mallorca with the choir (LOVED it!!!) and I basically got back to hear the doctor say "ooooh, you need to have surgery to remove that!" while talking about a dermal cyst in my coccyx area.

So guess what! :eager:

I'll have surgery this Thursday (25th) and it'll be REALLY hard to sit at the pc... 'cause... Well... It's in the coccyx area! I wont be able to sit down for like... 15 days or so... :noes:

So sorry in advance if I dont reply, comment or anything... But well... I'll be lying down on my stomach 'till my skin merges with the sheets!

Wish my ass luck! :wave:

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The value of art

Journal Entry: Mon May 18, 2009, 11:17 PM

UPDATE: Luckily, it all ended well! I received a phone call today saying they had found it at a cafe and that I could go pick it up whenever I wanted. After that, I slept. Yes, I didn't sleep until I was sure it was safe somewhere. Call me paranoid... And maybe you're right. The second I got it home, I stored the folio back with the rest of them. I bought 2 new cases and I'll start a new folio (the one I had lost was the 4th one). So yeah... Lesson learned, let's just hope this doesn't happen again. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your support, your comments were the best surprise I could have had today! :) :hug: to you all! :love:


Today, I lost my file case with drawing I had made for 5 years now. Some of them scanned and posted here, some possibly lost forever. I went to the choir rehearsal, , took it with me and then went out. I went to 3 different bars and cafes. In the end, when I got home... I didn't have it. I went out in a rush, left notes everywhere I went to, in the hope that someone saw it and gave it to the owner or something. My hopes are 50% / 50% and yet, I feel as if I can't go to sleep without at least knowing if it's gone or not. I wouldn't be this disorientated if I lost my cellphone, my computer or my leg. I am in the middle of an anxiety attack and yet, I have reached an epiphany I would like to share with all of you.

My art is not flawless, does not have the technique of ancient masters, may lack in color, composition, shape depth...

But it is unique, for it is mine.

I had never understood that to it's fullest until now. I still have a lot to learn, but in each piece there's a piece of me that will only show once, in that sheet of paper and it doesn't matter how much I scan it, mess with contrast, levels, colors... It'll never be the same moment. And moments is what I lost. 5 years of moments and art.

I want to be an illustrator. Heck, even maybe more than I want to be a designer! I draw since I was born, I design since I went to university! And I know I have the potential. I don't see it through DDs, features, pageviews, faves... I know my work is at least art and it's not a bad one either. I finally acknowledge my worth as an artist, by finally seeing I was somewhat "offending" my own work and effort. So I'll start commissioning from now on, to honor this twisted moment of psychological torture. To become a better and more fulfilled artist.

I'm a positive person. If it is indeed lost, I will eventually get over it. I'm human, that's what humans do. But a little bit of me that was on paper died tonight. If it is found, that case will never again leave this house. Those drawings, good or bad, will be religiously stored with the rest of them.

As a silly act of desperate wishful thinking, I'll put up a collection of the drawings I've lost in here, so that maybe somehow they find their way back home and to show you part of what I've probably lost.

CM:RP - A.R.C. by GravihK CM - Gravihk and Rukhael by GravihK CM - Somnos and Thanatos by GravihK CM - Anubis by GravihK CM - Ixtabus, Snake Priestess by GravihK CM - Temperance by GravihK CM - Nuris, Sleeping Swordsman by GravihK CM - Xeleeus and Quineris by GravihK Gravis ed Fihcce by GravihK Family portrait by GravihK CM:RP - Kythe and Ifraea by GravihK CM:RP - Levi's Return by GravihK Synconi had a little sheep... by GravihK CoronaMortis: Leila 'Doll' by GravihK CoronaMortis: Erica by GravihK Gaea in color by GravihK Metatron, ruler of Eden by GravihK Adelaide's Tea Party by GravihK Mistress Neruthia by GravihK Something Fishy by GravihK Resting by GravihK Levi and Grav by GravihK

I'll update this journal when I revisit every spot I've been to tonight to make sure they didn't safe keep it. Until then, please pray that I'm lucky.

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C'mon, gimme what you got!

Journal Entry: Sun May 17, 2009, 8:10 PM
Any Original Characters?

Ok, so I was thinking... Who here has original characters? I have quite a few, so I guess I want to learn about everyone else's characters as well! :) So in order to do that... I'm thinking about making a news article. Just comment here with a link to your OCs with a brief description about them (well, people need to get acquainted with them, right? :XD:)and by the time I reach a few of them (lemme think... about 10?), I'll make a news article about them! :)
Tell your friends who have OC's about this as well, 'cause I really wanted to have plenty of them to feature!! :strip:

Edit: Ok, I'd like to give you a few simple rules, if I'm going to carry on with this project, ok? :) It's not much, just to help me keep things simple.

:bulletgreen: First of all, give me one link to the character art and a brief description about them ( don't get too carried away, we need space for everyone, m'kay? :) ). I'll start including literature pieces as well, but I'd still like it if you could present me with at least one visual reference.

:bulletred: As much as I love the reference sheets and all, if you have the character's description in the submitted deviation or another deviation, copy-paste the most important parts here, so that I can easily place them in the article. This is due to the fact that only you know what are the most important parts of each character's details and background, and I may end up editing out something you find important. :)

Now, go out, tell everyone about it and have fun! :D Let's see how many characters we can get next time!

P.S.: By the way, it'd be ever so nice if someone could make a stamp about this! :flirty: *hint hint* :giggle:

For the Kitties by Twilight-Darling Capricorn 3 by mysage dArama: Keep it on MySpace by Alys-Stamps Sketch Stamp by MichaelCrichlow :thumb28855915: Think before you type stamp by andaria I Love The Llama Stamp by Deadman2 Pagan Stamp by moondial Ride a cowboy stamp by Auras

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Original characters are a pure manifestation of an idea brought to life. They may seem uninteresting for some, but the fact is that for their creators, they are almost like living, breathing creatures, manifestations of their minds and hearts. Some prefer to leave them as an ethereal idea, others give them life through their art. With more or less technique, it will always be a piece of someone's soul in that amazingly realistic portrait or that black and white ballpoint pen sketch on a notebook.

For more than a month now, I challenged everyone to show me their original characters, to describe them, in order to introduce them as a news article. I didn't have as much feedback as I hoped for, still the outcome was equally juicy in originality and enthusiasm, so I would like to thank everyone in advance for participating in this idea.

I will also introduce one of my characters, as if letting him host this "OC con" we are having.

:iconyokko: is clearly an OC factory, and she brings us today Wei Xian, a Chinese pirate! :ahoy: This character has an amazing background and deeply thought concept!

The Chinese Pirate by Yokko

"With a name that spells out (literally) 'Danger' this Chinese Pirate is more than scrappy. Wei exhibits a shrewd and clever attitude, despite his sometimes haughty or greedy behavior. (...) A half-blood (father wasn't Chinese)and parentless since the age of 8, Wei Xian grew up on the seas surrounding the Continent. (...) In short, Wei is a rowdy fun-loving 20-year old that lives on the edge. Sometimes he knows when to be mindful and is always aware of his unsavory position in life, but still goes on to tame wild beasts and earn honor for himself and for China. There are lots of little details about him. The characters on his body stand for things related to piracy or fighting and the character for "power" is on his right cheek. He has blue, ringed eyes and sun-highlighted black/brown hair. Also the time period he's from (there's a whole story behind it) is the Han 200BC- 220AD"

:iconaskrata: introduces the warlord Senin, with an amazing amount of background and info! The details are well thought and after a quick read you will surely feel this character means buisness! I'll quote some parts, since the full character file is in the deviation's description.

Senin Reference Sheet by Askrata

"Senin has an intensely ambitious nature with the dedication to see his goals through. Self-confident and blunt, he does not hesitate to speak his mind. (...) Possesses a volatile temper and a sadistic sense of humor. One of Senin's chief loves is battle, and will not hesitate to pick a fight with anyone, regardless of circumstance or convenience. He adores attention in all forms - relishes the spotlight and is loathe to give it up. (...) Extremely affectionate and protective of those he cares for, though those individuals are very few. Can be surprisingly shy around loved ones. Relatively intelligent, but far too impatient to be a good conversation partner. Homophobic to an alarming degree, he refuses any contact whatsoever with anyone he considers a homosexual. Also terrified of water more than four inches deep."

The ever dedicated :iconrettemichbabe: tried hard to bring us Fiona,
the lovely D&D inspired warmhearted elven ranger.

Fiona by RetteMichBabe

"Fiona Ahr D'laihn, Sylvan Elf. Spoiled but unassuming and humble Councilmans daughter turned Ranger like her GrandDam. She has a Riding horse of Elven stock, and her constant and most trusted companion is a Dire Wolf she raised from a pup named Taija. (...) The act of playing a humble sweet and caring person who is from the extreme upper class and an only child who had everything they ever wanted but chose to not use that to her advantage was really fun... (...) So far though my cunning and natural ability to communicate with nature *a magic gift from my GrandDam has allowed me to escape without my family spending so much as a single copper to save me!"

Francisco Carleone the III is :icon2b-chan:'s OC, an enigmatic craftsman with a long and curious family line!

English by 2B-chan

from " (...) At the age of 8 he became the real Mafia boss of the Carleone family. (...) He was the quiet type; he never talked much as the other men of the family. After becoming the head of the Mafia he was called the silence killer. Thanks to him the Carleone family became one of the most feared and the most influential families in Italy. And with the birth of the Internet -thanks to Sir Burners Lee- he made the family more wealthy, now that he became able to sell his perfectly made furniture worldwide using his own website, www(dot)thegodfathersfurniture(dot)ita(dot)com.
He died on the 14th of January while he was working on his workshop. A worker accidently dropped a hammer at his head."

In cooperation with :iconrellaenthia:, we created a character which is pretty much inspired in herself. Rellaenthia is her name and that character has granted us the opportunity of several art trades!

CoronaMortis:Rellaenthia by GravihK

From Rellaenthia: Character profileRellaenthia, mostly know as Crysta, is a half-nymph, daughter of an ex-druid apprentice and a nymph of the Graces clan.
Having grown-up mostly as an orphan in a distant unknown land, she was welcomed into the midst of the Dazzle clan of nymphs upon arrival at Gaea’s Garden.
Rellaenthia usually conceals herself under the skin of a polar bear, whose head acts as a hood, due to her moderately shy and introspective nature. Her hair was once crystalline and transparent as natural spring water, but it was turned red do to mysterious events (of which you can find out once GravihK’s novel has been published XD).
Calm tempered, she is known for her loving nature and motherly attitude (that sometimes annoys…). Being protective of those she cares about (which usually comprises a restrict group of people, for she is kind of a loner – mostly due to insecurity issues, I must say), Crysta defends them fiercely when the need arises.
Having a deep affinity with ice, snow and wa

"Rellaenthia, mostly know as Crysta, is a half-nymph, daughter of an ex-druid apprentice and a nymph of the Graces clan.
Having grown-up mostly as an orphan in a distant unknown land, she was welcomed into the midst of the Dazzle clan of nymphs upon arrival at Gaea’s Garden.
Rellaenthia usually conceals herself under the skin of a polar bear, whose head acts as a hood, due to her moderately shy and introspective nature. (...)
Calm tempered, she is known for her loving nature and motherly attitude (that sometimes annoys… ). (...) Having a deep affinity with ice, snow and water in general, her power and magic are mostly based on this element. A sorceress of sorts, she also practices divination and healing by magic and alchemical concoctions.(...)"

Finally, I'll be introducing this article's host, Gravihk.

CM - Levi to Gravihk by GravihK

Gravihk is a mysterious soul, incarnated in the body of a young boy, Levi. His story dates back from times of angels, demons and gods. "It" (neither male nor female) is the result of a curse which was cast upon Gravis, a specter, son of the death angel Azrael, and Fihcce, a nymph. Their relationship caused a great turmoil in the nature Goddess's garden but in the end, as a cruel act of forgiveness,their bodies were merged into one, always to be close but never to be able to love each other again. with cat-like features and a respectful but cunning personality, Gravihk fights through a pantheon of deceit, lies and treachery to find a place where to belong, while coping with Levi's own mundane dilemmas.

Ok, now comes the challenge! :giggle: I challenge YOU to show these deviants and their characters some love through fanart of simply some enthusiastic and nice comments. If you make any fanart, leave a link in a comment and I will make a new news article (if you show enough love, that is! :giggle:) featuring everyone's tributes to these amazing creations of the heart and mind. :)

To all deviants not included, be it by lack of info, time or final text volume here, fear not. I will make another issue of this article if I receive enough new juicy info and OCs. :)

You can visit the source journal entry for more info and submissions here:…
Manege Carre: Introducing... by GravihK

La Machine is a company comprised of builders, engineers and artists of all kinds.

Using designs by François Delaroziere, this company built the carousel called Le Manège Carré Sénart, during a period of 10 months. The carousel was built to bring life to the center of the city of Sénart, in France. It was born in 2007.

Square-shaped, its sides are 18 meters long, having 300 square meters of surface. It weighs 40 tons and holds up to 49 people each trip. The mobile elements, like heads or feet, are unique and custom-build and are related with the imaginary of the Sénart region.

Three giant buffalos; fourteen insects, ten on rails and four climbing ones; three fish heads with hydraulic lifts are the creatures you can find in this Art Nouveau carousel. The passengers have direct action over the elements of the ride, by moving levers and such, making this a very interactive experience.

Have a look!
Manege Carre: Broom fur by GravihK Manege Carre: Mantis Closeup by GravihK La Salamandre du Carre by Rellaenthia Magical Flying Elephant Heads by Rellaenthia Manege Carre: Lemony lizard by GravihK Manege Carre: Mechanic beauty by GravihK Manege Carre: Mooo... by GravihK

This amazing moving work of art spent a whole month in our hometown, Portimão (Portugal) and we worked there, selling tickets and helping the passengers take the most out of such a unique experience.

:thumb121848350: Manege Carre: ticket booth by GravihK

Le Manège Carré has already been to Paris and Madrid and will now depart to Anvers, in Belgium.

From what we were told, they are likely to go to London somewhere during this Summer. For more info on this carousel, visit their website:

This article has been brought to you by :iconrellaenthia: and :icongravihk:

Features: Fractal goodness

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 1, 2009, 8:29 PM
Swirl, dimmit, swirl!

Ok, then here is something I have basically pulling aside, but in the end I couldn't resist the urge! :XD: I HAVE to feature, and so today, I shall feature fractals. Why? Because I love them and I shall stab hearts if I can't show you all my fractaly love goodess!

The featured shall be:

ojad0's fractals are one of THE most amazing things I have ever seen around here. Do take your time to browse his gallery, if you think you've seen everything fractal artists can do... Think again.

synconi has always inspired me with her great sense of colors and yummy fresh fractals. Actually, she was the one who introduced me to this kind of art, so I'd sin if I didn't thank her with a feature! And believe me... She deserves a feature and a LOT more!

RetteMichBabe, my very close amazing-friend-forever is finally finding a form of art that pleases and amuses her. Even if in the beginning of the learning experience, like me, she can warm hearts with stylish flame shapes that please every curious eye. I'm sure she'll become a really unique fractal artist in a near future. :)

Rellaenthia is my closest friend IRL, a great writer and it seems now that a fast fractal learner. Ever curious and experimental, she has come up with very interesting shapes and designs that can't be missed.

Lorner, also a very close friend, is giving our ever-art-hungry eyes some very peculiar shapes through flames. You'll be able to immediately identify them, I'm positive. :)

magnusti78, a great fractal artist Rellaenthia had the pleasure to show me, features breathtaking fractal beauty in her gallery. They should not be missed.

All done in ameliasantos's exquisite fashion, by color gradient! :D So give her love as well and check out her amazing features too!

And now... Fractal Goodness!

spider web by Lorner Spiral Dance by RetteMichBabe 7 heaven by ojad0 Winter Hope by magnusti78 Breath by synconi Summoning Snowball by Rellaenthia 22 mother nature by ojad0 Kaalimato by synconi Percieving Peacock by Rellaenthia shiny by Lorner August by magnusti78 Honeycomb by synconi What lies beneath by Lorner Moby the Mobius by ojad0 Mandala Virtualis by Rellaenthia Truth by synconi Vintage Flowers by magnusti78 butter fly by Lorner Uva Branca by RetteMichBabe RR2 11 memory by ojad0 Shine A Light by magnusti78 Baubles by synconi fractaly goodness by Lorner 78 drink by ojad0

For the Kitties by Twilight-Darling Capricorn 3 by mysage dArama: Keep it on MySpace by Alys-Stamps Sketch Stamp by MichaelCrichlow :thumb28855915: Think before you type stamp by andaria :thumb58473496:

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Thank you

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 3, 2008, 10:11 PM
God, I love you all!

This is a special journal entry to thank a few people for supporting me. I've just received a note from :iconthe-sub-club: saying that, by suggestion of :iconhelewidis:, I'd be receiving a short term subscription as a gift. Needless to say... I was shocked/overwhelmed/absolutely thrilled about this! Never have I thought I'd receive such a gify, and for that I thank them with all my heart. :) :) :)

I will be considering entering :iconthe-sub-club:, not out of respect or thankfulness, but for the great work and respect the group seems to show. Even if I'm not a very active member here at DA, I'll consider trying to give them my contribute any way I can.

Of course, I must thank :iconsynconi:, :iconrettemichbabe: and :iconrellaenthia: for loving my art, me as a friend and always supporting me and encouraging me to do more and better art! :)

Help 44 kittens

On another note, please PLEASE visit… , :iconhelewidis: 's journal. It's a really touching story about the love for 44 cats and she needs all the help she can get and, well... Go read it!! You'll see.


1st off... :iconhelewidis:! :)

In the end... by Helewidis Interpretative Mirror by Helewidis

Mature Content

Bathing in the Blues by Helewidis

My great great friend :iconrellaenthia:! :D

I look for you by Rellaenthia Satyr's follyOn the surface
of an undisturbed lake
something stirs…
Circling waves
expand away
like shooting stars.
You feel his presence
and hear his laughter
even before he’s ever seen.
He sings and dances
and jumps around,
Mother Nature as his queen.
Light temper,
kind heart.
Elegant grace
as if walking was an art.
And then you see,
as you had expected,
a smiling face
and deep green eyes.
You hear his song
of  joy and devotion
and you know
they are no lies.
On the Lake,
where the Lady rules,
all is as it is.
All around
the satyr runs
and his name is Azhis.
Magically metSilent steps
Echo on the hall,
You look around
And see no one at all.
A childish giggle
Resounds in your head,
No innocence is found,
A path you fear to tread.
Suddenly she appears
As if magically summoned,
Holding a maimed bear,
Bearing a polished smile.
Black chunky locks
Perfectly arranged,
Mesmerizing eyes of purple
Big, wide, changed.
A little girl,
A soul of old,
A poise of regal stare,
A chubby hand to hold.
She knows of worlds
Forgotten by men,
She comes from places
I’ve never been in.
And she smiles,
Innocent and sober,
Grasping the bear
Without head,
Severed by the neck.
If this you have seen…
You’ve encountered Irnamehk.

One of my best DA friends EVER! :iconrettemichbabe:

Collecting by RetteMichBabe Three by RetteMichBabe Perfect BeingCan it be that he stands before me?
This perfect being
An angel from heaven.
The light of my world
He'll never notice me
I am ordinary, common
A faded flower amongst them
The beautiful, the perfect.
He looks at me
I awaken inside
though he does not know
without him, I am nothing.
Can it be he sees me?
His gaze turns my way
And I see into them
His eyes captivate me.
Full of power and passion
The color of tempest skies
I feel the hunger within them
The desire for something more
He passes by
I reach for him,
Brush him gently
And my skin burns
Desire of the ages
raging fires of ecstasy
I have never know such pleasure
I lose my breath.
He stops
Perfect angel, do you really see me?
He takes my hand
Pulls me close
My heart stops beating
The world melts away
Nothing between us
But my burning skin.
He caresses my hair
Kisses me softly
Smiles gently
Holds me tenderly
And my soul is his.
Now, and always

For spreading DAlove all around... :iconsynconi: :)

Breath by synconi Brothers by synconi Honeycomb by synconi

... And that's all for today! ^__^

For the Kitties by Twilight-Darling Capricorn 3 by mysage dArama: Keep it on MySpace by Alys-Stamps Sketch Stamp by MichaelCrichlow :thumb28855915: Think before you type stamp by andaria :thumb58473496:

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  • Listening to: Anything that comes up on the radio
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  • Playing: Nights journey of dreams
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Ok, so I just finished my Onyeria Series. :) oh yay! lol That is... Untill I finish the novel. I'll probably end up wanting to do more characters.  But for how, it's done. :) I can start with CoronaMortis: Black Cat project! :D


Kythe (done)

Kanari (done)

Meleth (done)

Arthere (done)

Ecliseph (done)

Jun (done)

Zaan (done)

Ifraea (done)

Alice (done)

Piri-Piri (done)

CoronaMortis: Black Cat

Gravis (done)

Fihcce (done)

Ianis (done)

Irnus (done)

Ne'Yeth (done)

Aphora (done)

Loeris (sketched)

Annis (done)

Azhis (done)

Gravihk (sketched)

Lorakhael (done)



Metatron (sketched)

(I'll post more as they show up :) )

Thank you all for your comments and :+fav:! :) And thanks, :iconsynconi:, for being such a lively and active viewer, always with something to say! It really gives me the urge to draw better! ^_^ :iconrellaenthia: for the support and being a hardcore fan of my novel... And of course, thanks :icongottschalk: for the inspiring art and truthful comments! :)
Yes, 4 years later here I am, finishing my course.

Now I mess up with flash, 3d, vector drawing, bitmap editing... A whole bunch of stuff I never thought I'd be able to do!
Anyway, I got to write a book during the course, which I'm trying to get published. Still have to take care of author's rights, though. Even so, it allowed me to do a whole lot of illustrations (which I love to do!) so I'll post a whole lot of drawings pretty soon!

Anyway, since I have all these new characters, it'd be nice to do an art trade with someone, like... draw each other's characters or something like that.

So basically all this to say... I'm almost a designer now... And I haven't abandoned drawing! hehehe!

Thus I bid farewell to all of you and see you soon!
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Full of work! I've got about... 30 drawings to do! I'm so sick of drawing! That's why I havent submited anything in ages! Teachers want us to draw the same thing over and over again! So tiering! x__x
Even so, some stuff are really useful... But I wish time stopped so I could get this all done in time!!
I'm in my informatics class, gotta run! :p see yah all!
So here I am... I have 3 assignemts already, and from what I've heard... It's gonna get worse!!! O___O
But it's cool, the people are all nice and very friendly. It's like being in another world! They encourage us to be creative, we show eachothers drawings and learn together! It's being real fun!! ^___^
I got into design! Mwahahahaha!!! >D
My life gave a 180º spin! Hehehe! I got an apartement, a new pc ( a portable one) and, although classes only start this monday, lots of new friends!!
We have something here called "praxes" (I dont know if other countries have it!) that it's like... Veterans play pranks on newcomers for 3 weeks and treat them as if they were in the army! lol Of course, it's all a joke, it funny like hell! xD

Guess I wont be able to submit new deviations so often as I wish, but every time I come home I'll bring new stuff! :)

Wish me luck!! :p
Not going to music after all! Gonna try going to Design. I've decided that if I'm not gonna sing, I'm not gonna do anything else related to music just to compensate the loss!

And besides, design has the option of drawign comic books, so... heehehe!! :p
Forgive my dark humour, but I am feeling quite gloomy today...
I got the news that I'm not able to go to singing course, only to history and theory of music... Which I hate with all of this little black stone I call "heart"... It seems they didnt open any vacancies for the course...

All of this left me on a state of complete darkness. I have no will for happy or joyful things and my drawings are coming out horrible as something dead for 3 months. I'm not trying to seem like an "oh poor me!" person. I know I studied hard and that I did my best. Even so, it is a stab in the ego. Singing is the one thing I can do even when having people forcing me to do it. I will be able to shift courses next year, but this is not what I really want. I know... I'm acting like a spoiled brat. I'm noticing I'm getting too cinic and even agressive over this, gotta control my temper.

I've been writing now, although most of what I have created are just vague dialogues between storyless characters. Maybe I'll create a plot to add to it all... Someday?